Friday Links: Design With Thingness

September 27th, 2013

Thingness: the quality or state of objective existence or reality.


Playing with dimension: Ferm Living’s Wall Wonder Mirror  


Gorgeous candles sculpted by water from Le Feu de L’eau


Angelic, modern Aura Lights from Ladies & Gentlemen Studio 


An awesome lamp like a directors chair: Cala by Marset 


Lathe-showboating blond wood candlesticks by Brendan Keim



September 25th, 2013

Let’s play the imaginary dinner party guest game. Want to dine with Salvador Dali and Elsa Schiaparelli? Wish granted. The only catch is you have to invite artist Maurizio Cattelan too. The TOILETPAPER magazine co-founder created a wacky, surreal tableware collection for Seletti. I love these enamel dishes and the crazy gutted fish tablecloth. Who’s hungry? Let me ring the other guests up on the lobster phone.


See the whole collection here. 


Adventures in Lost and Found Fashion

September 24th, 2013

In 2007, Amy Larocca stopped me on my walk to work. She wanted to include me in New York magazine’s street fashion page The Lookbook. I think she was attracted to my bright blue coat. Jake Chessum took my photo while Amy interviewed me and my buddy Valerie. I said some stuff about how I found the coat on the street but took it to a dry cleaner to “kill whatever” might have lived within its wool. (I’m nothing if not thorough.)

Here’s the photo that ran in the magazine. (Let’s not talk about my hair, thanks.)

I finally donated that coat to the Salvation Army a couple of years ago but I just spotted its reincarnation by Jacquemus, a rad French design label I’ve been keeping an eye. It’s 719% more expensive than the one I rescued and gave a good home, and it’s uncannily similar—same dazzling blue hue and near exact fit. Hey, Jacquemus, do you read New York?

01_popupFrom LaGarconne 

Oh, and remember when I dubbed this cobalt color “Blue Cunningham” and told you it was going to be big? Take a look at the Pantone color of 2014. PREACH.


Flowers in the Attic

September 19th, 2013

My cool girlfriends had shelves devoted to V.C. Andrews but my parents forbade me from turning her pages. Once when I was about 11, my mom caught me with a borrowed copy of Flowers in the Attic and promptly made me return it. I’m a nerd, so I gave it back after getting about 10 pages in and never did get to find out just how creepy/erotic that book got. Awkward segue: Here are two dark floral fashion-y things currently on my wish list.

2007BP0752_jpg_lA little still life inspiration by Dutch painter Nicolas van Veerendael, 1676 (Victoria & Albert Museum)


 ACNE Millie Pumps


 No. 6 Dulcet blouse

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Want Ad: Acne Denim Suede Pistol Boots

August 1st, 2013

City slicker with a soft spot for Morrissey and artists that had blue periods seeks a sensitive rocker-type with an ample pair (size 9, to be exact). Me: I despise rainy days, quaint cobblestone streets, rockabilly, and peanut butter-and-banana anything. You: always carry an umbrella, walk with purpose, and are writing a book of slam poetry titled Patti Smith, Medicine Woman.

Acne blue suede shoes

ACNE blue suede Pistol boots from Bird (sold out)

More WANT ADS: Celine bracelet // Morrison Leather Skirt


Artemis Design Co.

July 22nd, 2013

About a month ago (so much for the instantaneity of blogging), I stumbled into a very cool trunk show at the Steven Alan on Atlantic Street. Crazy colorful carpet bags piled up in the store window were my bait, and inside there were tantalizing kilim loafers to match. The new line, called Artemis Design Co., is conceived of by Milicent Armstrong of Boston (a latter-day Edith Wharton-heroine name if ever I heard one). Milicent travels through Turkey and Istanbul to collect antique textiles and kilim rugs, then has them made into beautiful leather-trimmed bags and shoes—worldly goods for nouveau preps and pattern freaks like me.




kilimmens10_1Photos via Artemis

P.S. They remind me a bit of these carpet boots I haggled for in Morocco.