Want Ad: A-Morir Lena Pearl Sunglasses

December 8th, 2013


A-Morir Lena sunglasses

Diva in a twinset seeks strong-browed companion for boozy brunches, shoplifting at Bergdorf’s, and lying to men. I’m Holly Golightly: raucous as a 1960s laugh track and classy like a strand of pearls. You love putting on airs and fake accents, and ordering champagne “just because”. Together we’ll be like the Queen Mum and Dame Edna sharing lipstick in the bathroom at Elton John’s White Tie and Tiara Ball.

*Want Ad is a series of personal ads from the (imagined) perspective of the object. In other words: inanimate objects looking for love.


Throwback Thursday: My Lunch with André

November 21st, 2013


In 2009 I interviewed Vogue editor-at-large André Leon Talley over lunch at his (then) favorite French bistro in the city, Benoit. It was a hot August day and André was dressed casually in a cotton eyelet caftan made for him by Diane von Furstenberg, accessorized with silver Afghanistan bracelets, a Ralph Rucci tiger’s claw pendant necklace, and the shaggy fringe Prada bag of the season. “I’m a big proponent of the man-bag,” he said.

We bonded over a mutual love for The Golden Girls. “They have a sense of being at home, always wearing different robes and nightgowns. For me it’s one of the greatest shows ever. Helmut Lang loves The Golden Girls too,” ALT said. “He told me he used to rush home to watch it. It’s very uplifting and fresh, it just takes you away from the fashionable world.” Don’t you just love the thought of Helmut sitting on a chintz couch with a clicker in hand?

ALT was incredibly nice, even complimenting me on my dress. (“Who makes it?” Zara. “Oh.”) During the course of our interview (both of us politely eating salads we didn’t want to order), ALT spoke often about his quest to be warm and cozy. Comfort is the reason he wears those capes and robes and dramatic furs, and, apparently, his at-home chilling outfit is “Juicy Couture shorts, a Ralph Lauren polo shirt and Uggs.” Yes, Uggs. Crocs? “No!”

One of my favorite tidbits came after watching a fancy lady hobble past us on crazy stilettos. Suddenly, ALT declared high heels over, and said that women who stumble around in them look like oxen pulling carts. (I didn’t find it sexist. I agree that super high heels are medieval.)

At the end of lunch, he insisted that we split the chocolate crème brûlée “just for a taste!”

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Want Ad: Jerome C. Rousseau Cuckoo Bananas Bootie

November 18th, 2013

jeromeRousseauJerome C. Rousseau Spring 2014 bootie

Québécois flirt seeks Imelda Marcos-like devotion and cab fare. I’m a fine featured Italian exhibitionist who has more talent for accessorizing in one little bead than Carmen Miranda had in that whole bunch of bananas. You are sure-footed, wear fake fur and hot pants like pajamas, and want to put the groove back in your heart (and closet).

*Want Ad is a series of personal ads from the (imagined) perspective of the object. In other words: inanimate objects looking for love.


What’s Up, Poindexter?

November 10th, 2013

Houston designer Abbie Drue just posted this brand new (like, seriously she made it an hour ago) leather file folder on Instagram. She’s calling it the Frances Schoolhouse carryall, and I’m calling it the coolest laptop case. 



Sedimentary, My Dear Watson

November 5th, 2013

If I was up on my Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, I’d continue this charade in my best Sherlockese, but alas, normal English will do…Ahem.


Hilda Hellström is a young Swedish artist who lives in London. I first saw her work on Sight Unseen and loved the over-the-top faux marble effect. It’s like landscape agate meets Spin Art. Like, Dallas set design meets Pollack meets Florentine marbled paper. Like, artifacts excavated from a hipster Pompeii.

Fine, would you rather hear from the artist directly? Hellström says her sedimentation series is “an investigation of Phenomenological conceptions of subjectivity and what we conceive as ‘fake’ in opposition to the ‘real’.”

Got it?

oa Tile2_HildaHellstromYou can buy these octagonal coaster here.

Images via Hilda Hellström


Little Nothings

October 30th, 2013


Cruising a biology blog, I discovered this bananas bit of science: “In flowers called columbines, evolution of the length of nectar spurs—the long tubes leading to plants’ nectar—happens in a way that allows flowers to match the tongue lengths of the pollinators that drink their nectar, biologists have found.”


Can you feel that cold seeping through your mail slot? The dampness is upon us, friends. In my quest to be rubber encased à la the Gorton’s fisherman, I discovered Stutterheim raincoats. They look like they’d help you catch a zillion fish sticks and the tagline is “Swedish melancholy at its driest”. Sold. Oh, and the design is based on an old slicker found in this creepy/charming fishing shack in Sweden. Airbnb that shit, yo.


I’m a grown woman who refuses to outgrow hair bows. We’ll see how that works out for me when I’m in my 50s. It looks great on teenage models which allowed me to write about my bow-curiosity for Style.com.


Alexa Chung wrote a book. (Okay, Alexa Chung emailed a book.) I found it amusing. Then again, I also like dinosaurs like a nine-year-old likes dinosaurs. (A confession she makes on the book’s last page.) So, you know. Grain of salt.