Wall Hangings Redux


Wall hangings by Native Line

My parents were pretty crunchy and I grew up with a woven wall hanging—like the ones pictured above—decorating our hallway. I started to notice the crafty decor coming back in 2012, and kept an eye on the awesome work of Maryanne MoodieAll RoadsNew Friends, and Brook & Lyn. Back then, I asked my mom to write something about the groovy ’70s trend and why she was inspired to hang one in our home even before I was born.
….And many moons later, I am finally posting her thoughts:

“The first wall hanging I remember seeing was in the home of some friends who were from Columbia. They had a bright orange woven one in their living room along with other art made by Columbian Indians. Every time they visited their family, they brought back several pieces and hung them in their house or gave them as gifts. They paid about $3 for small pieced cloth hangings when the price in the states was about $60 in the ’70s. Quite a bargain considering airfare was so much cheaper back then.

At a dinner party, I mentioned that I really liked the orange wall hanging and another couple at the same party gave us one as a gift when we moved into a new apartment. It was a woven textile hung from a wooden pole just like the orange one, only it was bright green. We hung it in our new living room and it took up a big part of the wall. I loved it because it was so bright and happy feeling and filled up the space. After we moved, I never hung it again and eventually donated it. It was time to put away my hippie ways.”

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