“With melted opals for my milk…” — Gwendolyn Brooks

My aunt gave me a pair of opal studs for my 8th birthday. I’d stare at those suckers, fascinated by how they caught the light and changed colors—like the iridescent cellophane that girls’ early-’90s birthday gifts were always wrapped in. I wanted to understand the science behind the rainbows within.

Here’s what I’ve learned about opals since then (spoiler: not much):
-97% of opals come from Down Under.
-Oily stickers ≠ opals
-Redheads look great wearing them.
-They can be colored white, gray, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, magenta, rose, pink, slate, olive, brown, and black.
-There’s a Tumblr called Opal Porn.
-I’m obsessed with this ring by WWAKE.


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