I Want To Go To There: Wylie’s Baths

I recently heard about Wylie’s baths from my Aussie friend Kat, who went for a swim there in December while on a visit back home. When she mentioned a place called Wylie’s I was mildly interested, and after seeing her awesome photos of the place, I’ve become minorly obsessed with visiting.

Wylie’s is a historic joint that was established in Coogee, New South Wales, in 1907 by Henry Alexander Wylie. Wylie was a champion swimmer and clearly a genius because he basically put a picture frame around a beautiful 50-yard “patch” of the ocean and called it a pool. The whole place has a rad retro beach aesthetic from its striped entrance down to the awning-covered deck where you can grab a coffee and take in the view. Obviously the main attraction is the really cool “tidal pool” into which big waves occasionally crash.

wylies bathsPhoto by Rachel Kara via Broadsheet

WylinAtWylieBaths01Photo by Kathryn Brazier

eb132Photo by Matt Lauder

For more of the flavor of visiting, read this article by Vicky Frost that ran last month inĀ The Guardian.

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