Candy On Demand: ChefJet 3D Printer’s Futuristic Sugar Cubes

NEON OMBRE_1_RY6X6K6958__thumblarge

3D-printed food sounds like a bad joke from Beakman’s World, but the ChefJet, revealed at last week’s CES, is a for-reals commercial 3D printer that spits out edibles—the first of its kind. The line of kitchen and restaurant-ready printers comes from 3D Systems and The Sugar Lab, a Los Angeles husband-and-wife startup dedicated to 3D-printed sugar confections. (See more of their crazy-shaped sugars here.) The printers will be available later this year for under $10,000, and if you live in L.A. you can buy the neon ombré sour apple-flavored candies now from Cubify, a 3D-printed marketplace.

Read more about ChefJet here.

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