Gift Guide: Extravagant Things To Covet

Here’s to the audacity of existence.

Bespoke_Charm_Bracelet_5500 Annina Vogel bespoke vintage charm bracelet, £5,500 (about $9,000)

I’d never want a portrait of myself rendered in oil paint, but a jingly charm bracelet that tells the story of my life? Sign me up.



WITTUS Shaker wood burning stove, approximately $5,000

This stand-alone fireplace is great for renters like me. I’d lug it from room to room (which brings us to the end of the number of rooms that I have.)


Slow and Steady Wins the Race four-sided four-color bag, $2,500

This handmade four-faced satchel is a witty little ditty on the Birkin bag.


Bec Brittain Maxhedron light, $12,500

What’s more decadent than using a mini galaxy’s inner constellation to light your living room?

  Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 6.32.58 PM

March safety pins, $450 each

Elegant and useful? Yes, but the price boggles the mind.



Murray’s Cheese of the Month Club subscription, $775 for 12 months of cheese

Previously I’ve said that if swimming in cheese was socially acceptable, I’d do it. I’ve backed off my human fondue pursuits, but a parcel of cheese every month would make my lips (and hips) very happy.



Signed Xmas card from Flannery O’Connor, $3,125

The inside reads: “I appreciated those kind words in the Commonweal – an excellent selection of adjectives, said I to myself. Did you see the editorial in America about Rabbit Run? Nausesous [sic]. I hope your various projects are going well and I wish you a Merry Christmas. Flannery OC.”

One of my favorite writers talking trash about Updike in a Xmas card? Love it.


 Patricia Urquiola earthquake bookcase,  $9,225

Clearly if you have nearly 10K to spend on a bookcase made with marble and other materials rescued from earthquakes, you also have rich-person walls that can support its weight.


Giulio Iacchetti folding garden chair, €732 (about $1,000)

More than a gardener, I consider myself a lifeguard of flowers.


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