Trend Alert: Throw Your Hands Up

Jeepers creepers! Where’d you… Oh, don’t worry, I won’t use “peepers” to avoid repping the word eye a million times. That’s just weird. Besides, I’m not talking about that evil eye motif that started in jewelry (Delfina Delettrez) and has been upgraded to a full-blown trend this season (KenzoMara Hoffman). Much as I love my Rachel Comey eyelash blouse, this post is about the next body part to be fetishized in fashion: hands.

As with all disembodied parts trends (Google that!), there’s an element of surrealism in these designs. Inspiration ranges from my man M.C. Escher to Miley’s foam finger to a little lady named Dooneese.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon



Don’t you just want to drop your keys in these little beggars?
[Kaye Blegvad ceramics. She also makes hand jewelry]


These suckers sold out really fast, but I’m a shopping ninja and scored a pair.
[Suzannah Wainhouse earrings]

03cbfa2c5027a8bce22d0373688e9455#facepalm #bitesfist
[Ayako Kurokawa custom cookies via]

db_file_img_5277_460x613Hamburger helper gets arty.
[Helen Levi gilded sculpture via Pour Porter]

Happy-Ashley-2-545Rihanna gettin’ handsy.
[Happy Ashley pantsuit]


Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 3.02.16 PM

Need a hand with that brewski, bro?
[Kelly Wearstler bottle opener]


 Italians do surrealism best.
[Vivetta Martedi dress with detachable collar]



Glove love.
[Welcome Companions coin purse]

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