Little Nothings


Cruising a biology blog, I discovered this bananas bit of science: “In flowers called columbines, evolution of the length of nectar spurs—the long tubes leading to plants’ nectar—happens in a way that allows flowers to match the tongue lengths of the pollinators that drink their nectar, biologists have found.”


Can you feel that cold seeping through your mail slot? The dampness is upon us, friends. In my quest to be rubber encased à la the Gorton’s fisherman, I discovered Stutterheim raincoats. They look like they’d help you catch a zillion fish sticks and the tagline is “Swedish melancholy at its driest”. Sold. Oh, and the design is based on an old slicker found in this creepy/charming fishing shack in Sweden. Airbnb that shit, yo.


I’m a grown woman who refuses to outgrow hair bows. We’ll see how that works out for me when I’m in my 50s. It looks great on teenage models which allowed me to write about my bow-curiosity for


Alexa Chung wrote a book. (Okay, Alexa Chung emailed a book.) I found it amusing. Then again, I also like dinosaurs like a nine-year-old likes dinosaurs. (A confession she makes on the book’s last page.) So, you know. Grain of salt.

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