A League of Their Own

I used to be a jock. I did ballet, soccer, gymnastics, field hockey, track, ice skating—and in junior high I petitioned to get girls on the wrestling team. (It was a half-assed attempt that I abandoned after realizing how little coverage those uniforms provide.) I’ve given up on team sports (and, it seems, exercise in general) but recently I’ve been thinking about the sporting life. No, I’m not actually going to the gym. I’ve been trolling eBay for super fly old school Jordans, remembering the spell that Jackie Joyner Kersee’s nails (and incredible piston-like thighs and speed) held over me, and gawking at awesome photos of sportswomen. Partly inspired by the Met Museum’s exhibit, “A Sport for Every Girl“, here’s a collection of vintage photos of women working it out.

All-girl bike gang 

Pennsylvania ballers

Female golfers

1800s baseball cards for female players from the Met exhibit

Chris Evert, 1976. You can read the cover story here.

P.S. There’s a cool history of Olympic sportswear here.

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