What does your handwriting say about you? Mine says, “I hope no one has to read this—especially me.” Maybe I’m lazy. Maybe I haven’t had anything good to jot down in over a decade. Whatever the reason, my penmanship has devolved into monkey script. I used to change my handwriting style like the cut of my jeans (from loopy, wide, and ridiculous to tight and square) but now it’s just stubbornly inscrutable.

I’ve been researching a stationery story on calling cards and the like, so I’ve been immersed in typography. Here are a few of lettering ideas that I’m into:

 Simply beautiful letterhead from Letterheady. I was pleasantly shocked to learn that it belongs to Eddie Vedder.

Clean, nautical initials on a vintage Seneca Yacht Club matchbook. I dig the idea of putting periods after the letters in a monogram, like:


Handpainted colorblock initials on a vintage Louis Vuitton bag. Fancy.

I love the seemingly hand stamped F on these Fauchon sugar cube packets.

Wish I had handwriting like artist Bernadette Pascua. She’s also an awesome illustrator and coincidentally has a fly Brooklyn apartment.


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