Put a Plant In It

I’m a gardener. Can’t help it: Ma and Pa had me pulling weeds and spraying kelp on the plants back when I was barely big enough to pick up a half-full watering can. I’m lucky enough to have a piece of land in the city that I can plant legally, but I’m drawn to unlikely containers and a guerrilla approach.

This was in the BBG newsletter:

 While I turn classist when it comes to planting in boots (or toilets, but I am all about stuffing the pockets of jean jackets with succulents), I really liked the cheap plastic purse recycled as a planter hung on a lamppost. I can get down with that.

A very pretty fern busting from a steam pipe by a gardening group in Halifax.

I dug this up (oops) from a few years ago: Pete Dungey filled potholes in Britain with flowers.

Ah, it’s the old phlox-in-the-newspaper-box trick. Very Inspector Clouseau.

Pretty sure you can’t do this without the driver knowing… Bus Roots is outfitting public transport with green roofs. I really hope this catches on!

‘Course, there’s also Truck Farm (a truck bed planted with edibles) that you’ll pass in the Gowanus, and my friend Daniel’s Who Farm. Daniel and co. turned a double-decker bus into a moving garden that he drove around the country while petitioning to turn the White House lawn into a farm.

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