Finding Salvation

Made another pilgrimage to Mecca, a.k.a. any out-of-New-York-state Salvation Army. I breathe easier among the dust. I scored some good things, and spied some things that deserve to stay on the shelves in order to delight others.

(Yes, I bought this.)

The vinyl bin was full of records with amazing cover art. Here are my favorites:

In terms of the fashion, all I can say is, Thom Browne, eat your heart out. (Also, is it me, or does each of these dudes look like Jerry Lewis?) Graphically speaking, those magenta dashes in “cha-cha-cha” are an inspired touch.

Sizzling strings! Bauhaus design!

Who knew one of my likes is “fingers modeling paper dickies”?

Part hometown Philly pride, part Brazilian Carnaval fabulousness.

I want this outfit, burro and all. Design geekery: The original Bravo store’s price tag sticker perfectly matches the colorful font on the album!

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