Erté by Sequin

It’s a toss up whether the name Erté trumps Romain de Tirtoff. Anything with a “de” in it is pretty baller… But I digress. Russian-born Romain adopted Erté (the French pronunciation of his initials, RT) so as not to disgrace his father when he became a fashion designer. (Pops wanted him to become a naval officer.)

Erté’s nom de glamour served him well. He started his career designing for Paul Poiret, then accepted a contract for Harper’s Bazaar, where he created more than 200 influential covers. He designed sets and programs for theater productions, and even costumed movies like “Ben-Hur” (inspired, those tunics were).

But he’s best known for the Art Deco aesthetic that he helped popularize in his art. Like this alphabet (above), spelled out by chic ladies.

This whole wind up is just to show off the new collection by Sequin that was inspired by Erté. And to say: I dig it.

Sequin’s Erté necklace


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