With Apologies to Leda: Swans Are Back

Before Black Swan it was Marjan Pejoski (and let’s not forget Cy Twombly). And before that, well, it was swans: real, feathery Cygnini who are burdened by mythology and the fact-turned-metaphor that they mate for life. I’d been seeing some avant-garde designs but the Giles collection cemented the return of these long necked beasts.

 Giles Spring 2012 via Style 

Mimi Pong’s “A Bird of II Feathers” bag reverses so you can decide if today is a swan or cygnet kind of day.

Kobi Levi’s insane swan shoes (everything he designs is bonkers).

Not such a drama queen? You can try out the earrings that repulse/interest me. Or if your style is “boring but nice” as a former boss used to say of people, look at this demure swan print dress from Zara.