Mom’s House of Style

I showed my mom a copy of the book “Take Ivy,” a photo documentary of ivy league campus fashion that was published in Japan in 1965. She ended up schooling me in ’60s fashion archetypes. Mom’s attention to detail (cool guys did NOT wear socks with their loafers) helps explain my aesthetic neuroses. I’d heard of greasers, sure, but baggers? Damn.

“Back in the day you were either a bagger or a greaser. Baggers wore preppy, conservative clothes like penny loafers (preferably without socks), button down collars, madras plaids, khakis, sandals, etc. Clothes much like L.L. Bean Heritage stuff. Girls usually had very long hair and guys’ hair was also a little longer and they usually wore bangs like the Beatles. Not much product in the hair either.”

“Greasers, on the other hand, wore leather coats, T-shirts, black shoes with white sox, boots, sweaters without shirts under them, shorter hair for both girls and guys and lots of product. Greaser girls also teased their hair high and wore more makeup than bagger girls. They actually looked like they belonged in the ’50s, not the ’60s.”